Utility Billing



The Vineyard City Council has approved adjustments to the sewer rates, effective May 1, 2024. These changes will be reflected in current billing cycles. 


Reasons for the Increase

Vineyard City evaluates sewer rates yearly to ensure they cover operational costs, maintenance, and planned improvements. Rising expenses, including infrastructure maintenance and compliance with regulatory standards, necessitate this adjustment. 


Additionally, state and federal regulations require specific sewer collection and treatment standards, contributing to increased costs across the state. While Vineyard City provides residents utility billing, the costs comprise internal city costs for sewer collection from your home or business and charges from agencies that provide sewer treatment of that sewage. 


The amount billed to Vineyard City for sewage treatment increased as of January 1, 2024. From the increase to now, Vineyard City did not pass those costs along to our customers. 


How Your Bill Is Calculated

Sewer rates are structured to cover both fixed and usage-based charges. The fixed monthly fee ensures reliable service, while usage charges are based on metered consumption. 


Ways to Manage Your Bill 

Residents can reduce their sewer bills by minimizing water usage. Simple steps like installing water-saving fixtures, limiting shower time, and addressing leaks can make a significant difference. 

For questions about your utility bills, please contact the Utility Billing Office at 801-226-1929, or email ap@vineyardutah.org 


How Can You Help Us? 

We encourage you to contact your State Representatives to encourage them to provide state resources to assist communities in implementing the new rules by providing the necessary funding to reduce costs to communities and residents. 


We appreciate your understanding as we strive to maintain a sustainable sewer system for the Vineyard City community. 



Vineyard City

Garbage & Recycling
Garbage pickup is Wednesdays, with the exception of holidays which will be picked up the following day. Please have your cans at the curb by 7 a.m. Recycling pickup is every other Wednesday. Please have your cans to the curb by 7 a.m.

Recycling pickup is every other Wednesday. Please have your cans to the curb by 7 a.m.

2024 Sanitation Schedule

New Residents
You are automatically signed up for recycling. If you wish to opt out please fill out the form (PDF). You have 30 days from your move-in date to complete this form.

The annual opt-out period for recycling will be done in the month of September but you can sign up for recycling at any time throughout the year. The opt-out form must be turned in by September 30.

After completing the form please email it to the Admin department (info@vineyardutah.org).