Traffic Calming

  • Improve safety for all users of the streets
  • Recognize the right of the public to use the street
  • Promote safe and pleasant conditions for motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and residents
  • Encourage citizen involvement in all aspects of the three E’s of Traffic Calming: Education, Enforcement, and Engineering
Traffic calming is the desired outcome of using a combination of public and city measures to include traffic devices to regulate traffic and reduce the negative effects of motor vehicle use. This involves changing the look and feel of residential streets to lower vehicle speeds, alter driver behavior, and improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists. These devices are not meant to divert traffic, but to slow traffic to an appropriate speed when within local streets. Examples of traffic calming devices include speed humps, raised pedestrian crosswalks, lane reduction, narrow lanes, traffic circles, traffic medians, speed radar signs, and on-street parking.

The three E’s of traffic calming emphasize the integral role every member of the community has when it comes to improving road safety.
1. Education- It is everyone’s responsibility to be aware of and follow the rules of the road to ensure safe practices and ease traffic issues.
2. Enforcement- Utah County Sheriff’s Office provides law enforcement efforts to encourage safe behaviors.
3. Engineering- Vineyard City Engineering works with Developers to incorporate effective traffic calming devices into designs of new developments and works with residents and other agencies regarding enhancing existing infrastructure.

There are several things residents can do to reduce speeding issues, such as the following:
  1.  Talk to your neighbors and make them aware of the speeding problem
  2. Confirm that those living/visiting your household do not contribute to the problem
  3. Collaborate with City Council to create a community-wide awareness program
  4. Ask the Sheriff/Sheriff’s representative at City Council to increase enforcement of your roadway
  5. Work together with your neighbors to implement ideas that make front yards, sidewalks, and streets friendly to pedestrians, bicyclists, and kids playing.
For Traffic Calming requests please fill out the contact form below or contact Vineyard City’s Engineering Department at

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