Snow Removal

When inclement winter weather hits, the Vineyard City Public Works department is hard at work clearing our streets for safer travel. Our priority is to make all main roads passable for safety vehicles – this means streets receive a higher priority according to volume of traffic, proximity to schools or public buildings, steepness of grade, etc.

As long as the snow continues to fall, our first goal is to keep high priority roads clear. In such instances, it is unlikely that residential roads will be reached immediately because the main roads must be repeatedly plowed. After the main roads are cleared, we are able to move to residential streets followed by cul-de-sacs and dead-ends.

Vineyard residents also play a role in helping to keep roads and sidewalks free of snow and ice. Please keep the following points in mind.

The following actions are not allowed:
  • Blowing or pushing snow into any public street.
  • Parking on city streets during a snowstorm or whenever snow is present.
  • The Sheriff’s department is authorized to cite residents if they are not in compliance with any ordinance.
Homeowners responsibilities:
  • Removing snow in front of your mailbox once plows have been through the neighborhood.
  • Clearing snow from sidewalks in front of their homes within 24 hours of a storm.
  • If there is a fire hydrant in front of a resident’s home, they must clear it of all snow.
  • Clearing snow from driveway approaches. Snow accumulated on the plow blade has no place to go but in the right-of-way, which includes driveway approaches.
The City possesses neither the personnel nor equipment to clear thousands of driveway approaches within the City. If possible, please assist the elderly and infirm neighbors.

Public Works after-hours emergency line: 385-215-4060