Records Request

The Government Records Access and Management Act, commonly known as GRAMA, was established by the state of Utah to allow the public to make a request for a record from the appropriate Utah governmental entity. This act can be found in 63G-2 of the Utah State Code. 

Almost all government records are subject to request. Upon receipt of a request the governmental entity will determine the classification and provide the records and/or a response. 

How to Fill Out a Request
A person making a request must submit a written request to the City Recorder who will send it to the department that maintains the desired record. 
The request must be in writing and must include your name, address, telephone number, email address, and a specific description of the records requested.  The request can be submitted by email, U. S. mail or in person. Links to our forms can be found below.

Helpful Tips
GRAMA requests are designed to provide records, not answers to questions. Make sure they are specific and concise in order for us to quickly locate and identify the records requested. According to the state law you should receive a response from us as soon as reasonably possible but no more than 10 business days unless an extension is requested.

Requests may have fees associated with them depending on how the record is retrieved.

If you are denied a request there is an appeal process you can go through. Please visit Municipal Code sections 2.28.070 and 2.28.080. It is recommended that you keep a record of your request for the appeals process.