Vineyard Community Garden

We had a very successful season last year, with a total of 22 boxes being planted, including two pollinator garden boxes planted by the Vineyard Youth Council and one giving garden box.  Our produce sharing stand became a place for gardeners from throughout the city to share their extra bounty.   We held several classes to educate those interested in topics such as pest control, yoga and pickling.   We received grant and sponsorship money, then approval from the City Council to expand our garden.

In 2023, we will be opening an additional location across the street from Sunset Beach Park.  This location will have 20 boxes.  Eight of the boxes will be raised boxes to accommodate those with special needs.   We will be educating new gardeners on square foot gardening to help them make the most of their space and hope to encourage mentorships between those new to gardening and those who are more experienced.

Lottery applications for the 42 boxes will open at the beginning of April for two weeks and lottery winners will be announced mid-April, with a goal of having boxes planted by mid-May.   If you don’t receive a box, there will still be many ways to help and participate. If you would like to volunteer, please use this link to sign up.

Please reach out to any of us if you have any questions. Please keep an eye for announcements on our social media channels:  @vineyardcity on Instagram and Vineyard City Government on Facebook.  We look forward to warm weather and time spent in the garden!