Will trees suffer as the soil becomes soupier, starving their roots of oxygen?

Trees can be negatively impacted by excessively wet soil conditions, as the lack of oxygen in saturated soil can lead to root suffocation and other issues. This is because tree roots need oxygen to survive, and when soil becomes overly saturated, the air pockets in the soil that contain oxygen can become filled with water.

However, it's important to note that not all trees are equally sensitive to wet soil conditions, and some species are better adapted to waterlogged soils than others. Additionally, the severity of the impact on trees can depend on factors such as the duration and frequency of the wet soil conditions, as well as the overall health and vigor of the tree.

The City maintains a Certified Arborist who is passionate about trees. Ensuring the health of trees is a priority to the city and we conduct regular health check-ups on the city's trees. 

Additionally, we are planning to replace trees which are not meant for Utah's climate.  Replacing trees that will not survive or cause issues to the soils is a priority as we move towards a sustainable city.  If residents have questions about their private trees on their property, they may contact the Public Works Department at 801-226-1929.

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