3 Reasons To Vote in Municipal Elections

1. Your Vineyard City Council is the closest legislative body to you. They make decisions and pass ordinances that directly affect Vineyard residents. They also lobby for the city at the county, state, and federal level.

 Some issues that are decided at the city level are:   economic development priorities; policies regarding zoning, parking, accessory dwelling units, short-term rentals, and much more.  

 For example, back in 2009 when Vineyard was a small town of under 200 residents, the Town Council voted to create the Vineyard Redevelopment Agency, which supports the redevelopment of the Geneva Steel property.   This will have a far-reaching impact on the growth and economic development of Vineyard.


2. Municipal elections directly affect your daily life because the mayor and city council decide on funding and maintenance priorities, such as:

  • Parks and recreation
  • Infrastructure such as streets, water and sewer lines, streetlights, etc.
  • Public safety – law enforcement and fire department
  • Library services
  • Public transportation

One example of a funding priority set by the city council is the Center Street Overpass.   The council decided that the overpass was a high priority and approved the funding for it to be constructed. The overpass opened in December 2020.


3. Elected leaders are chosen by those who vote.  If you do not vote in the municipal election, you are giving up your voice.  Since voter turnout tends to be lower in non-presidential elections, voting in municipal elections means your vote can be even more impactful.   With your vote, you can contribute to making your community better.


Are you concerned about parking?  Street maintenance? Traffic patterns?  Garbage or dog poop in the parks?   Utility rates?  Crime prevention?  Economic development?  Zoning restrictions?  Do you want to see certain amenities built in Vineyard?    If so, vote in the municipal election this November 21st.