Youth Council Elections

Run for our Executive Youth Council!

The Executive Council will administer over all the Youth Council activities and service projects. They will get to participate in Local Officials Day and interact with the Mayor and other City officials.

Eligible candidates are:

  • Resident of Vineyard.
  • Youth going into 8th grade through 12th grade.
  • Be committed to attending a minimum of 70% of our monthly council meetings and activities.
  • Submit a short statement about yourself and what positions you would like to run for and how you will contribute to our City. Text or email <, 801-592-2718> this by Aug 5th. (Can also be a short video-3 min or less)

The positions are:

1-Mayor (10th-12th graders)

2-City Recorder

3-City Manager

Council Chairs:




7-Meetings and Elections

You can run for the three positions you choose (this will increase your chances of winning one of the positions on the council) This is an awesome service and leadership opportunity in our City!