Common Code Violations

  1. Occupancy                                              
  2. Accessory Dwelling Unit
  3. Parking                                 
  4. Dog Waste              
  5. Weeds                             
  6. Signs                         


Each single family home is limited to 4 unrelated persons or a family. If the property is occupied w/the owner as a primary resident, and it's zoning allows, an Accessory Dwelling Unit license may be obtained. (HOA's may have stricter occupancy regulations).

An ADU license allows for an additional 4 unrelated persons or a family to occupy an accessory structure on the property.

Occupancy Violation Examples: 

  • Renting to 5 unrelated college students (when the home doesn't have an ADU). 
  • Operating an ADU, when it is not owner occupied. 
  • Operating an ADU when the zoning isn't approved (Townhomes & Condos are not approved to operate as an ADU).

Occupancy violations are not limited to these examples but are the most common in our city.