Tyce Flake

Tyce Flake


  • 2020 THROUGH DECEMBER 31, 2023


  • Hospital Board/ Community Health & Wellness
  • Tree Committee Alternate 
  • Emergency Management Meeting
  • Safety Committee / Code Enforcement including Community Watch
  • LPC voting
  • TSSD (events, etc) 
  • Veterans Chapter

Contact Information


I was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1946, as my father was a career Air Force Pilot. We moved very frequently. From 1966-1967 I served an LDS mission in Western Canada. In 1969 I married Linda Carol Hayes. We have been blessed with three sons and a daughter who have given us sixteen grandchildren, the joys of our life. We have lived in many places but have chosen Vineyard as our home.


BA Political Science, BYU 1975

Rank III Certificate (Secondary Education), Rollins College, 1977


I retired as a secondary public school teacher (2012) after 20 years. Taught World Geography, AP Geography, American History, and Comparative Political Systems (Citizenship class for immigrant students). I served as Social Studies Department Chair, School Improvement Leader, District Text Book Selection Committee, District Building Committee and served as a member of the State Accreditation Team for Alternative High Schools.


Retired from the Air Force in 2001 as a Senior Master Sargent (E8). I had a combined thirty years of service in the Air Force, Air National Guard and Active A.F. Reserve. My training included Logistics, Facilities Management, Munitions Management, and Disaster Response. I also graduated from Non-Commissioned Officers Academy and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers Academy. I was deployed during the Vietnam conflict and three times during the Middle East conflicts.


The future is now! Vineyard is in the middle of dramatic growth. The decisions of the city council will have long lasting effects on the quality of life in our town. I have spent a majority of my life serving my country, and my adopted state. I now seek to serve my community. My broad range of service, experience, organizational management, and personnel management gives me a unique skill set. Since I am retired from my past professional obligations, I am prepared and able to give the town of Vineyard my full time attention. I greatly appreciate your support in the upcoming election