Julie Fullmer

Julie Fullmer and Husband

  • 2018 through December 31, 2021

  • Branding
  • Youth Council
  • Town Special Events
  • Orem Community Hospital Board

Contact Information

I was born in Dallas, Texas, later moved to Wisconsin, and then attended college at the University of Kansas City Missouri, where I met my husband, Curtis.

I love to take dreams and build them into something tangible. I have owned and operated several businesses, and have recently combined business forces with my husband. We are currently working together on an Internet Marketing Company called Offer Market. This has allowed both of us to work from home, and has given us freedom to travel the world. Out of everywhere I have been, I love coming home to Vineyard, Utah! I have lived in Vineyard since May 2011, and I love this town! It is beautiful, friendly, and I believe that everyone has a voice in this community. We are just small enough to know each other, yet big enough to make a difference together!

It's been my goal, while serving as a Vineyard Town Commissioner, to make sure the voices in our community are heard. With the rapid growth happening here in Vineyard, it's critical that the voices of the people who actually live here are well represented. This is to ensure that Vineyard's future becomes what we all envision; that it continues to be the beautiful place we have all grown to love.


Some key things, which our Vineyard Community has wanted, I have helped to accomplish this year. These include:
  • The construction of the Barrier removal, Sewer implementation, and Road improvements on 400 S and Holdaway Road:
    • Safer routes and sidewalks for children going to school and the community as a whole
    • Better access for emergency vehicles like fire, police and paramedics
    • Provide sewer systems for residents
    • Much needed road improvements for 400 S and Holdaway Road
    • Easier access for residents in and around the Golf Course
  • The Geneva Property Project:
    • Reviewed and approved plans related to the clean-up and redevelopment of the Geneva property. This property will become an important part of the Vineyard community and our Town's future growth. This redevelopment will ensure that the Vineyard of tomorrow continues to be the wonderful place we've all grown to love
  • Safety:
    • I have worked to make sure that seemingly little things don't get overlooked. i.e., stop signs, streetlights, dead-end signs, and the like for a safer Vineyard
    • I have collected community letters and petitions regarding safety concerns. I voted them in as a Vineyard Commissioner, to be brought forward to Vineyard's Mayor and Town Council. I also brought them to the attention of the Sherriff's Department and Emergency Departments to see that Vineyard Residents needs are being met
    • I attended councils and meetings regarding the removal of the median island barrier on Gammon Road to create left turn capabilities
  • Communication:
    • I have worked to make sure that the community is kept informed with what is happening in the Town. I have opened communication on forums, Facebook, email and in my home
I believe that one voice can make a difference. I will carry on supporting the people of Vineyard in their ideas, opinions, hopes, and dreams of the future. I would love to continue serving our community, and be your voice in Vineyard on the Vineyard Town Council!


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