Storm Water

A drawing of runoff going through a town into a river.

Storm Water Management

For public comment concerning storm water management please email the Vineyard storm water division.

Goal of the Division

The goal of Vineyard's storm water division is to reduce the amount of pollution entering our waterways through storm water runoff. This will ensure the health of our local waterways and help provide clean drinking water and safe and beautiful lakes and waterways for recreation. As a side benefit storm water pollution prevention also helps maintain clean streets and in conjunction with low impact development practices can help recharge aquifers which ensures our drinking water supply into the future.

Storm Water Methods

Keeping the storm water clean is achieved through 2 main methods, either by the use of storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPPP) on construction sites or municipal cleaning activities. The use of a SWPPP and permit is required for any development 1 acre or larger, or any development smaller than 1 acre that is part of a larger development.

Municipal activities include storm drain cleaning, trash pickup, and monitoring all town facilities for possible sources of pollution. The other 4 areas of storm water management are public education, public involvement, illicit discharge detection and elimination and post-construction management.

24 Hour Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination Hotline

Please call 385-625-7071 if you witness any illegal discharge of contaminants into the storm water system, including:
  • Excessive construction track-out
  • Hazardous material spills
  • Illegal dumping