Common Code Violations

  1. Trailers & RVs
  2. Occupancy
  3. Weeds
  4. Junk/Trash
  5. Accessory Dwelling Unit
  6. Street Parking

Have you ever been frustrated by crowded neighborhood streets? Did you know that Vineyard was planned in such a way that each unit has designated garage and/or driveway parking spots for each single-family dwelling unit. Please, make sure your designated parking areas aren’t taken up by camping trailers, RVs or other similar vehicles! Vineyard City Code requires camping trailers and RVs to be parked in side or rear yards and screened from front yards and streets by a fence in order to ensure designated parking spots are utilized for their intended use. (Vineyard Zoning Code 15.34.100) In this way we can guarantee that no sidewalks will be obstructed by trailers (Vineyard Municipal Code 10.08.020), and that streets are clear from unnecessary cars parking on the side of streets (Vineyard Municipal Code 10.04.040).

  1. McKenna Marchant

    Planning Technician